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weeNerlvl 78

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Joined: 4/11/2011
Posted: 2/9/2021 5:28:01 PM

Give us something. Anything. Game graphics. Code screenshots. Design notes. Speculative babbling.
Sparticuslvl 19
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Joined: 8/27/2010
Posted: 2/10/2021 7:37:00 AM

Sure, give me like 3 days to finish part of the game I am working on and I'll put together a bunch of screenshots or maybe even a video of the game.
djcredolvl 88

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Joined: 9/15/2010
Posted: 2/12/2021 12:51:28 PM

Just in case you'll need an alpha-tester - i'm here :))
furri88lvl 73
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Joined: 9/9/2010
Posted: 2/16/2021 4:26:50 AM

thank you so much for 224 hours - in my case - of fun with the geeks, loads more to come soon :) can't wait for version 2.0!

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Joined: 3/9/2013
Posted: 2/20/2021 9:06:12 AM

Hey I just wanted to say thanks as well to Sparticus for all your past and present hard work on your game. Love it and wish you well. Stay safe and stay warm to the entire group.....
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