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Posted: 12/25/2013 9:06:51 AM   (Edited: 1/29/2014 2:13:06 PM)

Heyho Guys and Geeks,

I've made a chart that shows all Towers with their cost, damage per second, damage per minute and more.The reason why I've made this is, that I wasn't sure what worth more in this map

lot's of Basic Towers or a few Volcanoes.

I realized that this chart is a cool and powerfull help for everyone and it can be expanded with other ratios between the towers and their stats. And of course it can be used for the Multiplayer BTG TD as well.

Here is the download link for the original .ods sheet. You might have to install Libre Office to correctly open it. [version 1.2.0]

And here is a PDF of the chart. [version 1.2.0]

Update: I've also made a picture out of serveral screenshots for those that can't open the ods and think the pdf too poorly. [version 1.0] *The picture comes tomorrow

*** Note that the second table contains just a few informations for myself, like which colours I've used and how thick the borders are. So you can simply ignrore it.

*** I will not update the picture as fequently as the ods and pdf, becuase it's a lot more work to take serveral screenshots and 'glue' them together. But I will update it with every main-update.

By the way, Merry Geek-mas to you all.

Edit: changed the formating a bit to make it better readable
Verion 1.0.1 is available as .ods and .pdf
Version 1.2.0 available
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Posted: 12/26/2013 11:43:06 PM

Do keep in mind towers like the cannon tower and boom tower usually hit more than 1 creep at a time... so their damage per second is much higher than you have listed.
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Posted: 12/27/2013 6:21:56 AM   (Edited: 12/27/2013 6:41:30 AM)

That is true, but I have no idea how to calculate that. I mean, I took the damage and firerate from the game and calculated the damaeg per minute and damage per second within the chart. The only way I can think of the get the correct damage is building a cannon, let it shoot and check all creeps how much they suffered.

Also, it would be nice if you can give me the correct slowdown % of the freezetower for future versions of the chart.

Edit: I did as I mentioned above, and a fully upgraded cannon deals 1400 damage per shot to a regular wave.
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