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*notice to myself: 29. july = MP BTG anniversary*

Send me a PM if you want that I start one of my maps:

!Stop ACTA now!

10000 Gold! No selling, no juggle!

The eightfold Spiral.


Just a basic mazing map!

Enjoy alcohol, but don't exaggerate it!

Defend the islands
(I will start an updated version some day)

Stay fresh - Stay dump!

Epple vs. Mikrosofty


Bash your ears with Creep-Metal!

(Old version, it's only "very hard")

(New version, beatable if you can juggle forever)


well... um... fail...
(I will start a version where all the questions about the negativ score are answerd in the additional info at the left.)

well... um... fail...
(New version)


Beholders Eyes


Swords and Potions

3D Effects

Anti-Boom-map! Boom-towers only!

(Next time without Cannons, so you have to use the straight path down)

Minecraft. No Enderman.
(No selling)

Minecraft. [No link yet]
(With selling)

It looks like a bacteria

Powered by Unreal Technology
(No ring around the U)

(still) Powered by Unreal Technology
(with a massive ring around the U)

Powered by Unreal Technology
(with a ring with holes around the U)

No time to explain!



Dungeon Keeper
(Old version, set to easy)

More Boss, less reverse

Twin way
(Maybe I will make harder version)

(Next time with more waves and more selltime)

The following maps are older and I have no link for them anymore.

WTF soll das??? 0_ô (v1.2)
(my very first map, it doesn't worth to start it again)

Witchcraft. Creeps get eventually stronger after lvl20! Max 30 Towers
(First version. Only a boiler, without witch)

Witchcraft. Creeps get eventually stronger after lvl20! Max 30 Towers
(Harder version. The boiler and a witch, so you can't juggle)

Gem of wisdom

Warn a brother

°Radiant maelstrom° °Groupcreeps only°

An other "Half the Fun" map.

0rigin of Life and the roots of Disease
(medium, juggle intensive)

Stupid Human
(medium, mabybe easy)

The Sungod! Half Power up's! 20Tower max.
(hard, short)

Legend of the green Dragon.
(hard, no selling)

Why is this map called "Half the Fun" ?
(hard, maybe easy)

Let's juggle around
(hard, maybe medium)

Dungeon Keeper
(hard, needs more waves)

Pain in the Azz. Kill all sperms V2.
(hard, shows anal sex)

Kill all sperms.
(very hard, shows vaginal sex)

That's it !? I can't place towers where I need them ?!
(very hard, I have to make it longer)

The waves get blurred by time.
(very hard, next time harder and blurrier)

IMMA FIRIN MA LAZOR!!! Shoop da Woop!
The "Geometrical wars" set contains th following shapes so far:
Wind the triangle
(medium, triangle)

(medium, star)

Cube vs Sqare
(hard, Cube and square. I have to update this one, atm it's just medium or easy and too short)

Spin till you die...
(very hard, circumference)

The hate Box. Sell only twice!
(very hard, 24x24 sqare)

The Album-set has one Map to every song from the Album "Schwarz in Schwarz" by Subway to Sally. A link with the tranlation of the Text and an interpretation is in the additional Info.

Das Schwarze Meer [1] [No link yet]

Schlagt die Glocken [2] [No link yet]

Kaempfen wir! [3] [No link yet]

Bis in alle Ewigkeit [4]

Nichts ist fuer immer [5] [No link yet]

Ins Dunkel [6] [No link yet]

Wo Rosen blueh'n [7] [No link yet]

Tausend Meilen [8] [No link yet]

Mir allein [9] [No link yet]

Am Ende des Weges [10] [No link yet]

M.M.X.I.I. [11] [No link yet]

Alles oder Nichts [12] [No link yet]
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