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lordcrumblvl 99
last level (for now)
This is an official tournament
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through the many improvements on bdt the essence of sectio aurea vanished a little bit. this map tries to bring back some of that original gameplay of it. just a little different though
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Map Design8.2/10
Overall Fun Factor8.1/10
Tournament Info
Game: BTG Tower Defence
Desc: sectio aurea revisited
Tournament ID: 61468
Number of Levels: 35
Level Restriction: None
Entry Fee: 30 
Start: 1/14/2020 9:12:17 PM
End: 1/16/2020 9:12:21 AM
Total Entries: 5
Players: 2
Player Limit: None
Allow Tower Selling: Yes
Tournament Fun Facts
Time Played: 42 minutes
Towers Built: 173
Towers Sold: 15
Shots Fired: 18,657
Creeps Killed: 7,669
First To Die: Brollyman (6:43)
Fastest Win: lordcrumb (11:12)
Most Damage: lordcrumb
Longest Maze: lordcrumb (213)
Bonus Tournament Prize Pool
This tournament awards extra prizes on top of the regular prize pool. These prizes will increase as the number of entries into the tournament increases. Good Luck!
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