BTG Tower Defence
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alexlvl 49
thanks for playing my map!
This is an official tournament
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it`s just for fun! try it!
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Map Design7.6/10
Overall Fun Factor8.5/10
Tournament Info
Game: BTG Tower Defence
Desc: battery
Tournament ID: 56008
Number of Levels: 200
Level Restriction: None
Entry Fee: 20 
Start: 4/8/2018 5:47:05 AM
End: 4/11/2018 10:56:10 AM
Total Entries: 5
Players: 3
Player Limit: 20
Allow Tower Selling: Yes
Tournament Fun Facts
Time Played: 39 minutes
Towers Built: 484
Towers Sold: 159
Shots Fired: 28,527
Creeps Killed: 12,944
First To Die: sengoku (0:56)
Fastest Win: lordcrumb (10:45)
Most Damage: jackre
Longest Maze: jackre (184)
Bonus Tournament Prize Pool
This tournament awards extra prizes on top of the regular prize pool. These prizes will increase as the number of entries into the tournament increases. Good Luck!
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 Replay Fee
1868,49999246 View
2813,30986144 View
3813,11174043 View
40 View
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