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Posted: 3/3/2011 5:59:28 PM

i honestly like the concept of this tourney. i also really enjoyed the challenge of creating a maze that could complete this tourney.

what i did not like is after i had all 200 levels released and handled in the first 30 minutes, it took FIVE MORE HOURS to kill everything O_O

(yes i realize a few discretionary nukes would have saved some time at the expense of score)

the obvious problem is the number of hit points. the last 20 creeps alone had over 700 MILLION HPs combined.

as i rule of thumb i would suggest to everyone (and have done so before on specific tourneys) that there is nothing fun about mobs with 50,000,000 HPs. of course nobody can handle one on a single pass, but if there is a teleport or juggle setup to handle it, then why does it need to loop or be juggled for hours on end?

all of the above is just extended feedback and IMHO. i really enjoyed the tourney the first time but will probably never play it again as is.
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