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Posted: 8/19/2022 12:25:20 PM

Hey Everyone! The day is finally here! In this post I'll be sharing a link for you to install the Beta version of BTG Tower Defence.

Please read this entire post before installing the game. I have a lot of important information here and it would really help the Beta if you read everything! :)

But before I start, I just want to apologize for how long this game has taken to develop. I never expected it to take this long. I guess this is why big game companies have dozens of people working on a game. There is many parts (game development, 3d modelling of assets, 2d image creation, user interfaces, database work, server side coding, server setup, testing, etc, etc)... So many parts. Anyways, I thank you for your patience. <3

Next, the game for right now is only available for android devices. This will change in the next few weeks I hope. I developed the game in Unity, which exports to iOS (apple) devices as well. But since I only have an android phone, I have only been testing on android. I have acquired a Mac and as soon as I have a good handle on fixing any bugs that are found, I'll use the Mac to publish an iOS version. I promise you the game will be available for both... but for the next few weeks, sorry, but Android only.

Please remember the game is in Beta. That means you should expect there to be bugs and issues. It will not be perfect. I have done my best to fix everything I have seen... but I am one person. Once this is installed on many different devices, odds are things will show up. I promise I'll be fixing every issue asap. I want to get this game in the app stores asap... but I can't really do that if the game is not working as it should.

So, here is all I ask of you :

1.) If you see any bugs, please report it to me. I think the best place is just to post it in this thread. If you have a screenshot you want to send me, maybe just email it to me at

2.) If you see anything that isn't really a bug... but seems odd, please let me know in this thread. I've been staring at the same game for over 2 years... I need fresh eyes on this.

3.) If you have any suggestions, please let me know in this thread! I love hearing ideas :)

4.) If you find anything not clear... maybe you feel it's not obvious on how to do something and you were a bit lost....let me know. I might need to add information on the screen or change how something works.

5.) Most Important : Game Balancing.... Game balancing is me tweaking numbers in the game to make the game harder, easier, etc. If the enemies have too many hitpoints at level 5... then the game is too hard and people don't have fun. If they have few too few hitpoints then the game is too easy and boring. In both case, the players don't like the game an uninstall it. I'm really hoping you guys can give me real feedback on how the game feels. Is it fun? How does it compare to the original? Thoughts on how to fix it? You guys have been playing BTGTD for a long time and no one has better input than you. I really value your experience.

I will not take any offence to any suggestions or feedback, I promise! I need to hear everything!

One more thing... the game needs a tutorial, which I will be working on very soon. Not everyone knows how tower defence games work so a tutorial is needed. However, the one thing that is not clear, even to you experts, is how to place towers. It's a bit different. Since it's on a device, you will need to touch the tower you wish to place and then drag it onto the screen where you want to place it.

Here is the link to the 'test' app store where you can install the game.

NOTE: As you report things and I they get fixed, that link above can be revisited and the 'Install' button will say 'Update' instead. Please update to get the latest version. I will make a new post every time I add a new version.

Feel free to share it with friends if you want.

Thanks guys! :)
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Posted: 8/25/2022 3:35:08 PM

I get an error that says, "App not available for this account. Your account hasn't yet been invited to participate in this app's internal testing program.
If you've been invited to become a tester, make sure you're signed in to the account that was invited to the testing program. If you've been invited to a Google Group as part of the program, make sure you've joined the Group."
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Posted: 8/27/2022 1:54:06 PM

Same here as well.

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Posted: 8/29/2022 12:16:10 AM

Getting the same message.
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Posted: 8/29/2022 7:05:54 AM   (Edited: 8/29/2022 7:10:46 AM)

Hmm, sorry about that. I guess I had to add everyone's email to the list to give access.

if you private message me on this site with your email address I'll add you to the list.

If you provided me your email before, I just added you.

(note that I think it needs to be the email address associated with the device you are going to play the game on)

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Posted: 9/7/2022 6:38:05 AM

Just an small update. I have completed everything in the game (well, everything I was planning to have done for the beta release) except for a tutorial.

I am working on the tutorial right now and it's looking really good. After it's done I port it to iOS (for apple devices) and then can submit the game to the android/apple app stores.

As for beta testers... sadly we are kinda lacking. It's looking like we might have had 2 people try :/
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Posted: 9/9/2022 1:53:17 AM

That will probably change once you port to iOS :)
Viralshadowlvl 52
see ya'll on the other side.

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Posted: 9/10/2022 4:45:17 PM   (Edited: 9/10/2022 4:47:36 PM)

is it too late to join the beta?
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Posted: 9/11/2022 8:50:23 AM

Nope, assuming you have an android device, just private message me on this site your email and I'll add you to those that have access to download it.

lordcrumblvl 100

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Posted: 10/11/2022 5:03:40 AM

one of the very rare occasions i regret not having a smartphone. i'd be testing the living heck out of it XD
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Posted: 10/11/2022 9:13:32 AM

You don't have a smartphone? :O

Do you have a tablet of any kind?
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Posted: 10/19/2022 11:04:23 AM

I apologize it's been a bit since my last update. I have been working hard on the game and it's crazy close to completion. I am 90% done the game tutorial (which I hope to complete this week)... after that is done I have a couple small bugs to fix, but for the most part, that's it.

So, next steps will be to turn on the Mac computer I borrowed from my brother to publish an Apple version (Apple requires you to own a Mac to publish to the Apple app store).

At the same time I'll be sending the game off to Google Play for review. Once Google and Apple approve the game, the game will be live and ready to play in the app stores :)

Big thanks to elfin and others for testing the game for me :)

Obviously, once the game is live, I'll continue working on the game to add more towers, more maps, more features, and a ton of other stuff. It will only get better!
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