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Posted: 7/29/2013 9:35:48 AM   (Edited: 7/29/2013 9:42:52 AM)

The last year has been very crazy busy in my life so releasing the multiplayer version of the game has tough. I gave myself a deadline of today and promised to release the game in whatever state it is... done or not...

Well, the game is now live for you all to play. BUT, I want you all to know the game is far from perfect. There are surely a few bugs left to fix, but most importantly, the game is not yet balanced. By balanced I mean, the cost of towers are not what they should be, the hitpoints of the creeps are not perfect, the damage the towers do is not what they should be....

Believe it or not, balancing a game is very tough and takes time. I'm really hoping after releasing the game is the unfinished state it is in, will mean that all of you will give feedback and help me tweak the number of make it perfect. This will take some time, probably a few weeks at least to get it close.

On that note, your MPBTGTD rating will be reset after a few weeks while we test things out.

Also note that MPBTGTD is not the exact same game as the classic BTGTD. Creeps will not spawn on their own like before... it works differently.

I highly recommend you all watch the tutorial video I threw together. It's just the basics, but will help you get started.

Watch the tutorial video here:

If you find any bugs, please post them in the bugs forum. I have already entered all the bugs I know of there that I will work on fixing soon.

If you have any balance suggestion, please post them in the temporary forum I have set up called "MPBTGTD Balance Suggestions"

Thanks everyone! Have fun and good luck!

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Posted: 8/4/2013 3:12:49 PM

I just had a chance to try it and I LOVE IT! Other than the problem of catching other players in the lobby, once in it's really good. I like the challenge of balancing creeps with towers.
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Posted: 8/4/2013 8:52:51 PM

Glad you enjoyed it :)

I'll be coming up with some way to make it easier for people to join and find multiplayer games
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